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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage has strokes which are very similar with Swedish massage but can aid in various different things, this is why some people can get them confused. It is the type of massage which sometimes doctors can even prescribe to patients to help with certain muscle pains and stiffness, it also has a lot more benefits than the standard massages you can get.

Let’s start with how it works

As previously mentioned you can see and feel some similarity between other more common massages like a Swedish massage, however it isn’t like having a regular massage with a bit of pressure. At the beginning of this massage you will start to feel light pressure which is generally applied to make sure that your muscles warm up. Then the techniques which come with this massage are then applied such as Friction and Stripping which are the best techniques to start this massage off in a proper manner.

What are the benefits of this type of massage?

In the aforementioned paragraphs before this massage has many benefits and is used against many issues that are followed by pain, see these as mentioned here lower back pain, limited mobility, whiplash, falls, sciatica, lateral epicondylitis, posture issue and much more. As you can tell this is an extremely helpful massage for the middle aged and recovering sports individuals, in fact you can get this kind of massage from any masseuse and isn’t just a medical massage, which makes it one of the most sought out massages in the world.

A word of advice

Once you have completed a session of Deep Tissue massage you can feel a bit sore, this is completely normal as this type of massage does open up muscles that in some case haven’t been opened in years. Within a day or two this will subside, like after a workout you can feel a bit sore this is exactly the same kind of soreness. If you’re still a bit sore after this then please contact your masseuse as there might have been something you forgot to mention about yourself or something else.