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5 Forms of Non-Erotic Massage

We all feel stressed, worn out, fed up and generally just tired and a massage is a perfect way to relax our muscles, add some extra peace to our minds and settle our spirits. Massages can differ greatly with some massages being more intimate, some more about smells and mental stimulation and others are more erotic in their nature. Today we’re going to go through a list of non-erotic forms of massage that are great means of relaxation. So let’s get into it with our first non-erotic massage:


Aromatheraphy is exactly what it says, it is the form of therapy through aroma’s so if you’re stressed and anxious or just in need of a massage but don’t want to go through a muscle-pressing experience where your masseuse tries to find and tackle all your sore spots. Instead,d aroma therapy is less about massaging the actual muscles and more about using natural aromas such as essential oils as a means to seap into the skin and provide some relaxation and healing to your mind and body. This form of massage is more about giving the mind some quiet and feeling generally calm.

Essential oils come in up to 3000 different fragrances and are a hundred percent natural and each with there own special targeted form of healing. For example, some essential oils treat muscle spasms, pain, depression, insomnia, stiffness, congestion, asthma, hypertension, anxiety, work stress and more. Basically, if you have something that needs treating there is probably an essential oil out there that does exactly what you’re looking for.

Deep Tissue

If you are looking for something a little more opposite to aroma therapy and more focused on your body and physcial muscles then you may want to think about a deep tissue massage which just like aroma therapy is pretty self-explanatory. Deep tissue massage is about caressing and applying pressure to the deepest parts of the muscle tissue which means the heavy pressure is applied to reduce knotts and pains in the muslces. The deep pressure applied to the muscles is attributed with treating chronic muscle tension.

Hot Oil

Hot oil massages are becoming increasingly more popular the more it’s uses and benefits become widely known to people. It has been attributed to treating everything from tension and swelling in the muscles to improving the health of one’s hair and skin.

People often get hot oil massages to treat premature ageing, insomnia, arthritis and itchy skin. Its main benefactors are treating skin and hair to make your body feel and actually be as healthy as possible. Hot oil massages are linked to treating muscle stiffness, enhancing muscle and bone strength, improved eyesight, blood circulation, organ functions and it is also thought to enhance the immune system making people better at withstanding infection and disease.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage consists of hot water stones being placed on the body usually on pressure points and points of pain to relieve the tension and ease the pain. The stones ease stiffness, increase blood circulation, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation which results in a far more relaxed deeper muscle therapy. The hot stones are placed on the body and where the pain might be and the idea is the heat from the stones is transferred and helps treat the pain while a professional masseuse continues to massage you by hand himself.

This allows him to get into the deeper tissues of your skin as the stones will treat the surface. Some of the clear benefits to hot stone massage is reduced pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic conditions, decreases muscle spasms, reduced tension, increases flexibility in joints and easier movement.

Indian Head

The Indian head massage has been practised in India for thousands of years now and is becoming more popular in recent times due to its introduction into western massage parlours as a regular service treatment. The Indian head massage focuses on the scalp, neck and shoulders of a person releasing tension and energies that could be having a negative effect.

The massage was originally developed to treat the scalp and improve hair condition. The massage uses different techniques to achieve it’s goal such as a rotating motion on the scalp, applying pressure on the shoulders and stretching the neck. This is to loosen the muscles up and increase the blood flow reducing tension and stress and the indian head massage, for pure recreation, is one of the most enjoyable forms of massage you can get.