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Sports Massage

One massage which is quite common that we haven’t covered on this website is the Sports massage. A Sports massage is very helpful if you’re an athlete and is good before or after exercise. Sufficed to say this a massage that we recommend to have at least once a week if you have a very active lifestyle and even if you don’t it can be very pleasurable depending on what needs work on your body. So here is what we know about the famous Sports massage.

What does it do?

A Sports massage involves massaging the soft tissue that heavily benefits a person who does a lot of rigorous physical activity, however this can be implemented to any who wish to have this kind of massage as it can be beneficial to just about anyone. A Sports massage is designed to repair and correct problems in soft tissue that can be caused by strenuous physical activities or even trauma like car crashes. If you’re thinking about having a sports massage prior to some heavy duty exercise then this can also enhance your performance as well as aid recovery and prevent injury.

It can treat various injuries

The many great things that Sports massage can provide are very various, for example if you’ve been in an accident then Sports Massage can also help you to feel better as it has various strokes and beauty that you’re not going to find with most massages. Many other injuries can be treated by this as well, fortunately most physical injuries can be treated by this massage so you can always rely on a Sports massage when you’re feeling a tad achy or you’ve pulled a muscle or two.

How did Sports massage start?

From the mid 1990’s onward there was a collective effort to establish Sports massage and therapy into a more common and a message that would be used as treatment as well as relaxation. Although it technically started like all massages over 3000 years ago with the Chinese who started the entire massage stuff that we know today, but in the more common known Sports massage it all started in the 1980’s when Jack Meagher published his book which is funnily enough known as “Sports Massage” and this is how all of the sports massage started.