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One of the many issues that people face when they have come out of a car crash is Whiplash. Thankfully these days Whiplash can be treated in a variety of ways. However, the best that you could possibly want and requires no pharmaceuticals are having a massage for Whiplash. There are a number of massages for you to choose from that will help combat the physical ailments that are caused by whiplash.

What is Whiplash?

It is best described as an injury caused by sudden movement of the head, either moved forward, backwards or sideways. The symptoms of Whiplash are as follows: neck pain, difficulty moving your head, headaches, muscle spasms and pain in the shoulders and arms. You can also have symptoms like pins and needs, dizziness, tiredness, memory loss and poor concentration. These are the symptoms you will find that are common and some uncommon with Whiplash. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent massages that you can have that will relieve these horrible symptoms.

What massages can help ease the pain of Whiplash

Below I shall be naming and giving a small description of the massages that can help with Whiplash. I shall also be making separate pages for these massages as I believe that they at least deserve a page. Trigger Point massage – This type of massage is specifically designed to target an area on your body where the pain is and isolate is with cycles of pressure and release. The person having the massage breathes heavily whilst the therapist actively identifies the area of the pain and thus starts to massage the area alleviating any pain present. This type of massage is known to help straight after one session and can also help with managing other pains as well as stress.

Deep Tissue Massage – A massage that we have covered before. Deep Tissue begins with light pressure on the muscles to warm them up, then the therapist begins to massage you using the Friction and Stripping techniques which are used during this massage. The only downside to this massage is that you may feel a bit sore afterwards however this is completely normal and is always better than feeling large amounts of pain.

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What else is there?

Other than this you can always talk to your GP as they will have the best course of action for you but even they will say that massage is a very good option for you. Most people who experience Whiplash will have to say that you need to remain positive and focus on getting massages and within a few weeks you will slowly start to feel like yourself again. In most cases its just time that heals Whiplash depending on the severity of course.