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Tantric Massage

What is Tantra?

Tantra can be translated in Sanskrit to a phrase meaning “to wave and expand”, but what does this mean?

Tantra aims to unite the physical world with the spiritual and states that the two are intertwined. The goal of tantra is to learn how to connect to this deeper realm, through embracing the masculine and feminine energies within us. It teaches us that the world is filled with beauty, chaos and joy.

We can consider Tantra as a spiritual path and not a religion. Whilst there is no dogma to abide by, it’s thought that through following the tantra path we will be able to live in a heightened realm of the senses, instead of rejecting or repressing these like typically done throughout Western Culture. Tantra has been passed down through age-old written and oral traditions. It is thought that most of our knowledge of tantra has been passed down for around 2,000 years.

The ancient tantric masters of India believed that the world was created through the erotic union of Shiva (pure masculine consciousness) and Shakti (pure feminine energy), and that all living things emanate from their holy dance of consciousness and energy.” – Divine Tantric

What is Tantric Massage?

Through tantra massage, we aim to awaken the Kundalini and allow blocked energy to flow freely once again. The Kundalini is a mythological energy that lies idle at the base of the spine until awakened. Once awakened, the Kundalini will spread through the spine and stimulate healing.

By utilizing tantra breathing techniques (pranayamas), the recipient of tantra massage is able to focus and move energy throughout their body. This teaches people how to direct the energy within themselves which in turn will improve self-discipline and self-control. A combination of breath-work and meditation techniques are utilized throughout ritual Tantric sessions to help us to connect with our bodies and better control this movement of energy. Once mastered, you will be able to harness the full power of your sexual energy which will help you to recognize and connect with the divine energy within others. Read more about Tantra Breathing Exercises, or click to read about How Meditation can Improve your Tantric Experience.

Tantric massage focuses primarily on the erogenous zones of the human body, including the mouth, phallic, vagina and anus. The person receiving the tantric massage is not in any way the giver. The recipient’s duty is to open themselves up, relax and surrender to the “rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions”. In western culture, it’s easy to get carried away with life, disconnected to self and influenced by other people’s opinions and sexualities. Through this process, the recipient of tantric massage will notice a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation, this is of course highly therapeutic and your session will even help you to resolve relationship problems and self-esteem issues. Read about the Benefits of Tantric Massage here.

History of Tantric Massage

According to the Tantric Massage Association, Tantra massage and Tantric Massage were developed in Berlin during 1977 by Andro Andreas Rothe. Andro Rothe was the founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge which was the first Tantric institute in Germany during 1977.

Erotic Massages, for example, Tantra Massage, incorporate elements from the neo-tantric movement and incorporates various techniques from different schools of massage. Tantric massage includes segments from bioenergetics, sexual therapy and yoga. Tantra massage is based on ideas taken from the work of Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen. Other contributions include inspiration from Annie Sprinkle (who developed the Yoni Massage), Joseph Kramer (who developed the Lingam massage) and Mantak Chia.

Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

Mental Health:

Through the use of essential oils, candles and Tantric Massage allows the recipient to calm and better understand themselves. The massage itself will heighten your senses, mental performance and focus. After the massage ends with your climax, you will leave feeling fulfiled and with increased concentration.

Spiritual Health:

Learning to better understand your emotional and spiritual needs will help you to answer important questions such as what your purpose is, what drives you and what your vices are. Sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself somewhere along the way through the journey of life, Tantric massage is a great way to take steps towards getting your life back on track. Through tantric massage, you will most likely reform the way you feel spiritually and in turn, live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Emotional Health:

Tantric massage is renowned for both the sexual and physical enjoyment which come from it. Giving yourself the chance to de-stress, let go of anger and open up sexually, are all ways to enhance your emotional health. Allow your daily stresses to melt away as you are restored to your former self by your Tantric Healer. Through tantric massage, you will confront your sexuality and rediscover yourself.

Physical Health:

For many, finding somebody to share an intimate experience with isn’t easy; this is exactly why singletons across the globe flock to tantric masseuses to connect with their sexuality and for most, it works. Direct physical improvements caused by Tantric Massage can include an improvement in mood, a decrease in stress, the relaxation of muscles and improved circulation.

An improved circulation leads to softer skin, an improvement in your bodies ability to heal, decreases blood pressure and will even help you to think clearer.

Premature ejaculation, performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction can all be helped through Tantric massage, once again allowing you to strip yourself of anxieties and live again.

Your respiratory system will also be benefited from tantric massage. Through a combination of breathing exercises and the message itself, your increased blood-flow and practice in breathing will lead to a higher-performing respiratory system.

Read more about the benefits of Tantric Massage here.

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