Letting Go of Anger Jan09


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Letting Go of Anger

Anger is one of those emotions that tend to be associated with men. Well, more than just anger, it’s that explosive kind of anger which often gets associated with men. Dealing with anger as a man, though, is probably one of the hardest hurdles to conquer seeing as we are often given little outlets for it.

I’ve often heard my girlfriends tell me that it bothers them when I bottle anger up and that when I go off it is explosive and harmful. What they are not seeing though is the fact that for us, we have been taught to deal with anger in the unhealthiest ways possible. Whether it is hurting each other physically or walking away before we do, we simply have no outlets. At least none that have been taught to us.

It took me a great many years before I found a way to let go of my anger that wasn’t physical and, the funny thing is, that I learned it through one of the most physical outlets I have ever encountered in my life: Tantric Massage.

Learning Anger Management Techniques Through Tantric Massage.

I didn’t go into tantric massages in order to learn to deal with my anger, though. I went in for the same reason most men do; because I wanted a sexy massage performed by a hot naked girl. There is no shame in that!

I wanted something completely superficial and what I got was something much deeper than that. I learned all about the control of my body and how to express desire and longing in ways I never thought possible… but I also learned self-control in all aspects of my life.

I learned about effectively controlling my emotions from the inside, not the outside, and I also learned how to make sure that when I do let them out, it wasn’t explosive but actually in a gentle and much more productive way.

You would be surprised how often anger is the cause of bad sex! So, if you are a man and have heard all too often how your anger is a bit out of control maybe what you need is a tantric massage to help you learn how to control that which now controls you.