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Shiatsu Massage

Here we have the famous Shiatsu massage which was developed in Japan traditionally from a Buddhist monk who appeared in the 6th century AD. This kind of massage has become quite well known over the last 50 years or so, which makes it a massage of choice for anyone who wishes it upon themselves.

Here is a little history about the Shiatsu

Unlike most of the Western world massage in far Eastern aspect massage has drifted apart from medicine and is only used in relaxation purposes, this doesn’t mean that there are no benefits to this massage but we will get to that later. However in the 20th century Shiatsu is now officially recognised as a sort of therapy by the Japanese government, which is available to all Japanese citizens and even foreigners who have some sort of pain. Sufficed to say it is a massage that we would recommend you to experience at least once, but if you don’t enjoy it (which would marvel us) then there are plenty of other massages for you to have a relaxing day with. A Shiatsu Massage in progress

Here are some benefits of having a Shiatsu Massage

A shiatsu massage has some very surprising benefits as they include the following: relieving constipation, combating muscle aches and spasms, stopping migraines, reduces the risk of mental illness, aids against arthritis and helps your circulation. As you can see there are many exceptional benefits from having this type of massage, as it can give you one of the best feelings after your massage making every attempt to make sure that you feel on top of the world.

Finding a masseuse that provides a Shiatsu massage

Although you might think that strictly speaking, only Asian masseuses would provide this kind of massage you’d be surprised at how many Western cultured individuals can provide this kind of massage. So ask your masseuses if they do or don’t and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy a massage that we personally do enjoy every time we go for one. You might also find some who are willing to provide this service in a herbal clinic or therapy centre, as this kind of massage is quite common with health and medicine.