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Lingam Massage

What is Lingam Massage?

Shiva Linga and Shakti Yoni are the two opposing tantric symbols, (Shiva ascending, Shakti descending); these represent the divine sexual energy of both the male and female.

Lingam can be translated in Sanskrit to Wand of Light. The Lingam massage is reflective of the focus towards the male genitalia, thus, you can expect a truly erotic experience when receiving a Lingam Massage.

What is the Goal of Lingam Massage?

Initially, Lingam Massage is used to stimulate the senses and help the recipient to open their chakras. Through doing so, men will be able to connect deeper to their physiology and in turn, enjoy the sensuality of the massage; rather than simply the possibility of an orgasm at the end.

It’s a common occurrence for men, especially in the western hemesphere, to be “closed off” emotionally. With all too many gentlemen focused on their appearance, financial stability and reputation, it’s a scarcity for them to truly relax and quiet their minds.

The practice of meditation similarly focuses on improving your ability to quiet the mind and improve your senses and receptiveness. The power of tantric massage (in this case, Lingam Massage) to allow one to reach a state of relaxation and spiritual awareness is completely unparalleled and for those who haven’t tried it, will be a phenomenal experience you’ll never expect.

The point of Lingam massage is to teach men how to live in the moment and enjoy every little sensation. Through tantric massage, you will learn to build a stronger connection with both your tantric masseuse and your future partners.

When booking a Lingam massage, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time. The goal is to truly relax, so perhaps an evening booking is best for you. Remember not to go for a massage before an urgent appointment somewhere, you don’t want any baggage weighing you down, this truly is a no-rush experience.

After a few sessions with a professional lingam masseuse, you will be in a great position to teach your (future) partners how to carry out this phenomenal therapy. This way you can finish your future Lingam massage by holding your partner in your arms and falling asleep, doesn’t that sound perfect?

To Women Thinking of Carrying out Lingam Massage for Their Partners.

If you are planning to learn Lingham massage, this is a great chance for you to display your love and affection towards your partner. Soft, gentle and loving touches will provide a truly sensual experience that any man would treasure. Take this opportunity to show your partner the pleasures which you can provide to him.

Remember, the goal is not to make him orgasm as quickly as possible, but instead to slowly heighten his senses so that he is able to enjoy a full-bodied experience. If done correctly, every touch will feel euphoric for him. To those ladies with long-hair, don’t forget to get creative!

Stay tuned; in future, we will discuss similar topics such as “How to Carry out a Lingam Massage.”