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Indian Head Massage

This page is dedicated to a style of massage created in India which is known as the Indian Head Massage. Within this page, we are going to go through what an Indian Head Massage is and what exactly the benefits of having one are. Surprisingly there are quite a few amazing things that this type of massage can do for you!

What is an Indian Head Massage?

An Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment practised and used in India for thousands of years. In some ways, it is similar to a Deep Tissue massage because it uses the same sort of strokes and pressure when applied.

Because of its widespread practice throughout India, it has thankfully been integrated into a massage technique in the west and is widely used to treat headaches and pains within the neck, shoulders and of course, your head. It has been known to have many great benefits to your mental and physical state which we shall go through in our next paragraphs.

So, What are These Great Benefits?

Not only does it prevent headaches but it also helps to prevent migraines too, which is always helpful for you guys and gals that suffer from them a lot.

This type of massage also promotes hair growth as well for any of you lads that are worrying about that receding hairline that you’re starting to notice a bit more every day. If you’re like me you might have trouble sleeping or have insomnia well, an Indian Head Massage is for you as it will immediately relieve stress and promote relaxation.

This massage also has the ability to relieve the symptoms of both anxiety and depression, making it a favourite if you have the ability to find a masseuse that provides one.

One of the final benefits that this massage can do for you also boosts your memory which is always a plus when you keep forgetting to write your shopping list.

Before you Head for an Indian Head Massage

You should be mindful to wear loose-fitting clothing. The reasoning behind this is that you don’t want to feel restricted or uncomfortable as the masseuse is probably going to want to massage your neck and shoulders. Any complicated or tight-fitting clothing is out of the question. Also, you’re going to want to remove any of your accessories within your hair as you don’t want bits and baubles falling out while you’re getting your massage.

It is also important to tell your therapist if you have any medical conditions or you’re receiving treatment for something, as well as having an injury, broken skin and allergies as you don’t want an oil that you’re allergic to rubbed across your face.