Does “Boring Sex” Even Exist? Jan08


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Does “Boring Sex” Even Exist?

We are constantly bombarded by the idea that our sex lives are boring. If you are not doing five different positions at once and if you are not trying something new every weekend then you and your partner are going to get tired and bored and in the end not want to have sex anymore, and, of course, this will lead to you two not working out and breaking up. Oh, and if you are single it means you just suck at sex.

Yes, that’s what we keep hearing.

The truth is that sex is only boring when you make it boring and it has nothing to do with how kinky you are, how many positions you try or how often you have sex. The truth is that these lists of ‘how to have sex’ are truly what is wrong with our sex lives.

Here is the deal and it is something I have learned after years of trying to be less boring in bed… I came across tantric massage a couple of years ago and fell in love with them. I have them every now and then to learn how to last longer in bed, how to enjoy myself more and how to make sure I get exactly what I want out of it all and the truth is this… No matter what I like, as long as I’m having fun and my partner is having fun then it isn’t boring.

It truly is that simple and the way Tantra taught me this? By making me realize that what I want out of sex is perfectly fine.

Oh No! I’m so Vanilla…

This might sound crazy to everyone, but my favourite position is missionary. Oh, the horrible vanillaness of it all!

This doesn’t mean that I don’t ever want to try something else, but that I truly love missionary!

For years I tried to like something else better because I had been taught that missionary is boring, but what I found was that I was having less than satisfactory sex trying to please people that weren’t even in the room; that’s stupid. If you can make missionary work for you and your partner, do it.

If you are not sure what you like or worry you are basic and boring try a tantric massage and find the pleasure in whatever it is that makes you horny and fuck what anyone else says.