Connecting with Nature in 2018. Jan15


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Connecting with Nature in 2018.

How many times did you truly connect with it in 2017? We all know we should go out more and walk more, we all feel a pull to it when we are sitting in those tiny office cubicles we are so eagerly assigned. Even those of us who work from home or who have the freedom to roam truly have lost our will to connect with nature.

It might seem silly to you know to think of the health benefits of connecting to nature. Maybe it seems silly because you are stuck in a rut and think that simply going outside and walking is definitely not going to solve your problems. Maybe you are just too tired to make it to the woods or think that there is no nature path worth walking in London.

What you don’t realize is that nature is not something you have to go out and find but something that you have within you and that is just waiting for you to tap into it. You are nature.
Human beings like to pretend that they have somehow been severed from nature. We feel that we are simply no longer a part of the rich world that surrounds us but what we don’t realize is that nature is not something that is out there for us to find but something inside that is never going away.

Tantric massages are a great reminder of this. When you connect to yourself and to others and root your body into the ground and let it grow toward the extension of someone else you are essentially turning yourself into the ever-growing beauty that is nature.

Touch itself is an amazingly powerful thing than when grounded into the planes of someone else’s body can form the most amazing synergy and heat. We are nature and whether it is a walk into the wood, a swim in the ocean or a massage filled with eroticism we can awaken it wherever we go if we just are willing to take a deep breath and simply dive in.