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Improve your Sex Life with Tantric Massage

Before we jump into this blog we thought we’d make things a little easier for you and throw in one of our own personal recommendations for one of the best tantric massage agency London has to offer. For us, it can be none other than Minx Massage, a high-quality service who’s masseuses consistently prove themselves some of the most incredibly sensual individuals in the city! Booking can be done stress-free thanks to their amazing customer service.

Learning From Tantric Massage

When people come for a tantric massage a lot of times they are eager to impress. This is particularly true for men that are looking forward to being a stallion for masseuses, lasting longer than anyone on their first massage and essentially taking ‘control’ of the massage. This is not something that masseuses are not trained to deal with so don’t worry too much about what your first impression is like. What is amazing though is just how much you can learn from tantric massages even if you have had them before. Sex and sensuality are not things you learn about and pass a test and move on… it is an ongoing education that never ends and we should be thankful for that!

Here are a couple of things about sex that you can actually learn from tantric massages:

What is sex: Yes, you might have had sex many times before but what actually constitutes sex and is it the same for everyone. Is a couple that cuddles for hours and kisses having sex? Why? Why not? Would you be able to get off on that? Those questions are ones that don’t have just one answer and your answer is what you will hopefully find through tantric massages.

Which Parts of you are a Turn On?

erogenous zone: ear

We all know that men have a particular part of their body that they like touched and that is all well and good but there is so much more than just that area. We call the areas which have heightened sensitivity “erogenous zones.” Usually, men are the ones touching and they leave themselves the short end of the stick in that area of sensuality. Through tantric massages, you will find that maybe there are unusual areas of your body that can be just as much of a turn on… will it be your hands? Your thighs? Your back? Through tantric massages, you will be able to figure this out and more.

Can sex and love be the same and yet not have it mean commitment? This is the one that I find the most fascinating. Why can’t we love for just one night? Why has love and sex become two different things? Can you unite them? Do you want to? There is only one way to find out…

How can Tantra help to Improve your Ability in bed?

romantic picture

There are so many men and women out there looking for the magical cure to have the best sex of their lives. Television and movies teach us that amazing sex actually makes you more desirable to others and honestly who wants to be stuck having mediocre sex for the rest of their lives? But what is the secret to steamy hot sex all the time? Why is it that more and more for a lot of people sex feels like a chore more than something enjoyable and why are some women not having orgasms altogether? Well, of course, there isn’t a single answer to all those questions but there is one thing that you can start doing right now in order to make sex amazing again. This is something that I learned once I started tantric massages in London and that has seriously made sex with a woman ten times more pleasing for the both of us… Feelings.

Yes, that’s right you have to add feelings to the equation. Before you stop reading I have to say that this is not to mean you should only be having sex with the person you are in love with because that is way too old school. What this means is that you don’t have to be some calculating lady killer without emotions in order to have amazing no-strings-attached sex. This also doesn’t mean that you have to fake feelings for someone (that’s just dirty) but it does mean that for both men and women sex is actually hugely tied to our emotions. Let your emotions flow and let her have her emotions. Be honest from the beginning; allow her the sensation that her feelings are safe with you. Don’t lead her into thinking this is a forever thing but that other than your sex partner for the night you are also a friend for the night. It’s honestly not that hard and it will truly change how you view sex and how you have sex. And if anyone gets on your ass about being sensitive just remind yourself you’re the one having the best sex of your life and the women you are with aren’t walking away without being satisfied…

What are Tantric massages all about?

Tantric massages have a way of making your imagination run wild. The idea of them simply tickles our curiosity as they are shrouded in secrecy and yet let you in just enough to see that what is going on behind closed doors is exhilarating. Bodies moving in a rhythm that takes your breath away, the melting together of skins, legs that bend in different angles and moans that are released from aching chests. Those things will make anyone want to look in further and find all the answers to.

So what are tantric massages all about? What makes them so delightful and yet so mysterious? Why are we so quick to fill in the blanks in our mind with preset ideas and why do so many people condemn them?

Well, of course, the answer lies within the one thing that tantric massages are not about: sex.

man receiving massage

So many people have a notion in their mind that what happens behind the veil is essential paid sex. Of course, this is far from the truth. There is, of course, a sensual and erotic aspect to the massages which is how our minds run wild with the idea but just because something is sexy does not mean that intercourse is present. What happens during a tantric massage would best be described as spiritual ecstasy. This means that through touch you will be able to achieve closeness, not with someone else’s but your own needs and satisfaction. A lot of people don’t know this but the idea of an orgasm is not the point of a tantric massage. Some people don’t even achieve a sexual orgasm through them! What is achieved however is an orgasm of the mind and body together, an explosion of self-love so powerful that yes, sometimes it can bring along a sexual orgasm but that is because sensuality is a part of us, a big part that should not be ignored.

All in all tantric massages are about your relationship with your body, your willingness to receive pleasure and your ability to love yourself above all else.

So, does a tantric massage sound like the kind of experience for you? As previously mentioned head over to Minx Massage and get yourself booked in for an incredibly satisfying experience.