Keeping Healthy, as a Man. Jan15


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Keeping Healthy, as a Man.

There are so many articles out there about being healthy but most of them seem to be targeted at women. It’s not like men and women can’t do a lot of the same things to be healthy (i.e., drink more water, eat healthier, go to the gym, take care of yourself more, etc.) but sometimes these articles focus overly on things like going shopping, taking time off with the girls and getting facials.

Sure, men can do that too but the truth is that we might be looking for different kinds of advice so, here are a couple of things men can do to make themselves healthier this year and not feel emasculated while doing them.

  1. Instead of facials and a massage try a tantric massage. If you truly want to get a massage that is more targeted toward men try a tantric massage. These massages are all about being erotic and being sensual but they have a truly satisfying aspect to them that goes beyond the physical. A lot of men feel strange about getting a massage because it’s focused a lot on relaxing and simply… doing nothing. Society has taught us that we need to do instead of simply be… well, tantric massages teach you to be by doing. It sounds strange but it works!
  2. Instead of focusing solely on weight-loss focus on muscle gain. If you want to hit the gym and want to lose weight that’s fine, but be advised that if you are working truly hard that you will lose weight much faster than a lot of women. This is why you need to make sure you are also hitting weights… unless you don’t want to and actually find that aerobics is your thing, there is no shame in that guys!
  3. Instead of stop stressing over how your house looks, go ahead and clean it yourself. This is one of the guys out there who live with women who are tired of asking them to pick up. This might seem silly but if you actually do your part in the house, not only will you make your partner a lot happier and in turn be happier yourself but you will realize that picking things up, cooking, cleaning and working… is quite the workout.
  4. Finally… instead of worrying what is girly or not realize that being healthy has nothing to do with gender. Seriously, in the end, we are all human and if you want to get a facial instead of a tantric massage go for it. If you want to go shopping then go shopping! Stop seeing these things as feminine because in the end what is feminine and masculine comes from our energy not from our genitals.