How to know if a woman is faking an orgasm  Jan15


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How to know if a woman is faking an orgasm 

A lot of men like to think that their partners would never fake an orgasm with them. But have you ever wondered if yours have? Honestly, if you are a male and have ever had sex with, a woman the probability of her having faked an orgasm is very high. Yeah, it sucks and no one wants to be that guy that cannot get a woman to orgasm but the truth is that you are not alone. Every man you know has probably slept with a woman who has faked an orgasm so; at least you are not alone.

But whether you want to accept that this has happened to you or not the whole point is that men are doing something wrong if they are not getting most women to have an orgasm at one point.
The first thing we men need to realize is that we are not in control of women and their orgasms. This whole idea that we give them an orgasm is not only wrong but completely flawed. We don’t expect women to give us an orgasm either; we search for our own orgasms and enjoy them profusely. We have women help us with our orgasms and we should be thinking of it the same way back. We are here to help, not to give, because that would mean we are somehow superior to women and, blokes, we are in no way that.

So that leaves learning how to help women get to where they want to be, that, of course, being simply satisfied. For that I would suggest a tantric massage from a trustworthy agency; for example, Pamper Tantric. Whilst at first glance it would seem that a tantric massage is all about you, the truth is that it is all about teaching you have to have better sex for you and for any future partner. The masseuse (usually a female) will teach you how to tap into the part of you that is patient, that is profound and that is as willing to work together to give as much as to receive.

So, maybe next time you won’t have to ask yourself whether the lady you were just with had to masturbate right after your session. Don’t worry; it’s happened to the best of us.