Learn to Deal with Your Emotions. Dec13


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Learn to Deal with Your Emotions.

Men and emotions don’t mix well. Let’s face it guys, you tend to be a bit stunted when it comes to emotional growth and no, it isn’t your fault.

Still, if you think about how many times a woman has told you to open up, you will probably find that it hasn’t just been one or twice. The more times you have been told that you need to open up or express yourself without closing down it means you are pretty emotionally stunted.

The sad thing is that this is through no fault of your own as most men are taught from a young age that emotions are either shut away (like being told to stop crying) or dealt with through physical means (hitting people, sports, etc) and sadly this has left you a bit clueless about opening up.

Reach a State of “Emotional Openness”

If you want to do it though there are plenty of ways to reach that emotional openness without sacrificing your need to feel masculine. Take tantric massage for example. After speaking to a Tantric Massage Agency, London Tantric, we found out that a tantric massage focuses on the physical aspects of sensuality in order to stimulate emotional satisfaction and enlightenment.

For those that think tantric massages are nothing but a superficial way of getting off always find themselves surprised with just how many emotions they are able to feel during the massage itself.

The truth is that tantric massages are there to be felt emotionally and physically, thus a great way not to neglect either thing. This is why they are so effective with men that have a hard time expressing themselves emotionally… because they get to do it from a physical source of pleasure.

This is just one example (and in my mind the best one) of how an activity can bring out emotions in men that feel that their emotional growth has been stunted and who want to open up more… or are simply tired of hearing people asking them to do it.

Find the Best Emotional Outlets for You.

Everybody is different in terms of what makes them tick and what makes them feel comfortable. There are plenty of other emotional outlets out there and if you really want your inside to match your outside, don’t be scared to reach out and look into said ways to become a more complete and satisfied individual.