How to Become a Successful Massage Parlour or Independent London Masseuse in 2018.  Jan18


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How to Become a Successful Massage Parlour or Independent London Masseuse in 2018. 

Tantric Massage is an ever-evolving therapy which has been perfected over the last century and promotes a whole host of health benefits. In more recent days, Tantric Massage parlours and independent tantric masseurs have become increasingly prevalent; both in the UK and overseas.

In London Tantric Massage has taken the city by storm and with so many high-profile businessmen stressed from work, it’s no surprise that massage parlours and independent masseurs been raking it in. So, are you a masseuse, or do you have a massage parlour? Follow these steps to ensure that your massage business is successful in 2018.

    1. Learn your Trade

      Like any business, it’s imperative that you learn your trade so that you’re able to have the competitive edge over your competition. Unlike some industries, in order to be successful in the massage secure, people expect a certain level of skill and expertise.

      Ensure that you have researched and practised Tantric Massage before even thinking about starting your own business. It’s important that you’re able to provide a high-quality service in order to achieve a state where customers feel comfortable coming back for more.

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    2. Understand your Clientele

      Understanding exactly what your clientele is looking for, which masseuses get the best feedback and which messages are most popular is a great way to ensure that your business is on top form. By catering to the needs of your clientele and understanding the strengths of your business means that you’re able to build on these strengths and further enhance your reputation.

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    3. Recruit Professional Masseuses

      Now that you have researched the industry and understand your client’s needs, you should be in a great position to start hiring. Based on this information you will have some knowledge of which services are sought after and which type of masseuse is in highest demand; for example, Thai massage is very popular.

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    4. Build a Website

      By now you should know what clients are looking for, how to cater it to them and should also have a few masseuses at the ready. You’re all set to start providing massage in London or wherever you may be, all you need now is a platform to promote your services and a returning clientele.

      The best and most efficient way to promote your services is by starting a website for your business; this will enable you to tell your customers about your business and give them a flavour of what they can expect.

      Images of your massage girls will help to increase conversion rates and ensure that clients are given exactly what they are looking for. It’s important that you also include a “call to action” in your website to ensure that people choose to book; this can be in the form of a “call now” button or even a contact form.

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    5. Promote your Website

      Hopefully, your website is now looking great. Make sure to fix any page-speed issues which it may have and write useful content to ensure that visitors are able to read about your services. If everything is in order, it’s time to promote your website.

      Promoting your tantric massage website online can be best done through paying for the on-going SEO adult websites often use. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about ensuring that your website ranks on Google. To do so, they will work to enhance your on-site factors (such as content and page-speed), whilst also promoting your business online through the use of link-building, social-media and blog-writing efforts.

      This industry is relatively complex so I’d recommend using a professional adult SEO company for your business if you can afford the upkeep. Alternatively, for those on a low-budget, do lots and lots of research.

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       Create a Social Following

      In 2018 everybody seems to be on social media. With some social media such as Twitter and Tumblr having relatively relaxed rules in terms of adult content (e.g. pictures of tantric massage); you’re able to promote your business for free to a huge audience.

      The trick to social media is ensuring that your profile is active, useful and interactive. Make sure to communicate with your followers and try to direct them to your website where you feel you may be able to offer them a service they desire.

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       Keeping Competitive

      Whether this is your price-range, the services which your girls provide or the massage girls which you have recruited; it’s imperative that you provide a competitive edge so that customers have a reason to choose you. What makes you special? Is it your location? A high standard of customer service? Do you get to know each customer? Is your bespoke website more functional or simple to use than your competitors? Think about how you can keep competitive and act!



      Utilize Feedback

      Finally, if you have followed the above steps you should already have a few happy customers. Ask them to leave reviews for you on your website, business directories or even over the phone.

      You’re in the fortunate position that you now have a platform for people to leave you feedback, if utilized correctly you should be able to improve your service through negative feedback and improve your conversion rates through positive feedback.