A Surprise Date for that Special Someone…. Jan03


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A Surprise Date for that Special Someone….

Who doesn’t love surprises? They are spontaneous and help to keep the spark alive in most relationships. So, keep your significant other on their toes with these amazing ideas for surprise dates!

  • An erotic massage for two in the middle of London. This is a great idea for those couples who are comfortable enough with each other that sensuality is always on the table. You can bring them to one of the finest hotels in London and have everything ready for their very own tantric massage experience. This sexy massage for two will have you both as the main players in an intimate recreation of sex which will focus more on how to make your relationship be as intimate as possible. It is truly one of the only things you can do that is educational, fun and sexy all at the same time.
  • A night at the museum. Sadly there is no live t-rex involved but the museum of natural history in London does let you have a sleepover there! Not only will you be spending time in one of the most magical places in all of London at a time when it is usually closed to the public but there are plenty of activities in the museum available for you! Whether you love old time movies or dancing there is going to be something for you and your partner to remember for years to come.
  • Fetish party. If you are more into kinks than the average Joe why not get dressed up (or down) for a wonderful fetish party? You won’t only have the chance to dance and drink some very interesting cocktails that make sex on the beach sound like child’s play but you will also have the opportunity to see new sex toys coming out on the market and maybe even try some of the more PG-rated ones like cannabis lube and some other interesting goodies! You can also meet people who are into the same kink as you two and who knows where the night will go from there!

These are just some ideas of creative ways to spend a wild night with someone you love in London. It sure beats dinner and a movie and your likelihood of getting lucky is probably a lot higher than ever no matter which of these dates you decide to go on… just be careful in the museum, you don’t want to break an ancient artefact or something.