How Tantric Massage Helped Me to FINALLY Have an Orgasm Dec23


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How Tantric Massage Helped Me to FINALLY Have an Orgasm

Being a woman and not having an orgasm every once in a while during sex is, sadly, more common than you’d like to think. However, I wasn’t that type of woman… I actually had never had an orgasm from sex. Ever.

I know what you’re thinking, poor me, or maybe you are thinking that I just hadn’t had the right partners… Well, you’d only be half right about those two observations. Yes, it was horrible and I felt so bad that I couldn’t orgasm but I don’t think it was all to do with the partners I had chosen to have sex with.

You see my issues weren’t that I couldn’t orgasm at all but that during sex I simply couldn’t manage it. I tried every position and yes, lots of foreplay and even a lot of oral sex. My partners were honestly not bad and my long term partners always tried to get me to cum… I just couldn’t!

One day at my wit’s end I decided to try one last thing in order to sort myself out, I decided to try tantric massages. At first, I thought this was just going to be another one of those ‘new age’ things that promised a lot and delivered little. Boy, was I wrong!

Honestly the massage took everything that I had been told and that I had read about but used in a practical sense. It wasn’t so much about the theory behind relaxing and taking sex as a journey and not the outcome but it was about showing me where to place my energy when I am with someone, where to touch and how to achieve a state of relaxation so pure that an orgasm wasn’t just something that could happen but something that would come inevitably.

It took a couple of tries but being shown instead of being told made all the difference and now I just have to make sure I am present and that I let my partner know what to do in order to make the experience enjoyable not just for them but for me too.