Are Tantric Massages Good for Women and Body Exploration Jan15


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Are Tantric Massages Good for Women and Body Exploration

Sex seems almost made by men, for men. Seriously, sometimes as a woman I feel like I am on the outside looking in when it comes to anything sexy or sensual. Even porn is clearly targeted at men! So when I set out to look for something that was sexy for a woman to do in London the last thing I expected to settle on was tantric massages.

While the marketing for tantric massages is clearly for men the truth is that tantric massages are a great tool for women too. Forget about all the suggestive poses of the websites and focus more on the fact that tantric massages are all about making women the front, centre and conductor of sensuality.

I started going to my own tantric massage expecting to learn how to be my masseuse. I wanted to learn how to be manlier and more dominant in bed! What I found out instead is that what I had originally thought were male-like qualities in my masseuse were actually female empowered qualities.

Thanks to my tantric massage with another woman I found that what I needed was not to be more masculine but instead to be more feminine. I started exploring my body in a completely different way knowing that I was more powerful than I had ever thought that I could not just hold my own against a man but that I was his equal. Once I learned that I was an equal to a man in the bedroom I never again allowed myself to come away anything but satisfied and I also gave myself the permission I had been looking for to be just as sexual as a man but not be seen as a sexual object. This has been more liberating than anything else.

Having a tantric massage changed the way I view myself and I learned that I needed to be more open to just be a woman, to be sensual in my own right and to enjoy the one thing that is sexual out there that does not require a man’s seal of approval, tantric massages.