Are Tantric Massages Safe? Jan15


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Are Tantric Massages Safe?

Are tantric massages safe? That is a question that many people seem to have. Of course as with anything else in tantric massages the answers tend to be a little more complicated than yes and no. Because if I say that tantric massages are safe what does that mean? There are many ways that could go so let’s break it down here.

Does a Tantric Masseuse use Protection to Avoid STI’s?

The answer to this one is no but not because tantric masseuses aren’t careful but because that would mean that tantric masseuses would be having sex with you. That is not at all what happens during a tantric massage so if you are worried about sexually transmitted infections then you are definitely safe there.

Are Tantric Massages Safe to Pay For?

To answer this, we asked one of the top tantric massage agencies in London, Tantric Dolls. They told us that if you are getting a tantric massage, one would hope that you are doing your research about the agency you are going to be going with. As a rule of thumb safe agencies like Tantric Dolls will not require you to pay in advance, but instead to pay in person… that way both you and your masseuse are protected.

Are Tantric Masseuses Safe to Have When you are Ill?

Well depends on what your illness is! If it is anything contagious then we suggest you change your appointment because you are going to be having skin to skin contact with someone and that is just a little rude. However, if you are looking for help with pains and aches or illnesses or even if you are looking for help for something like erectile dysfunction then yes, tantric massages are safe for you. Just make sure to ask in case you are unsure or to be open with your masseuse about areas that might be off limits. If you have just had surgery, by the way, you might want to hold off for at least a couple of weeks and get the okay from your doctor before booking a massage for yourself.

So, in short, yes tantric massages are safe but if you have any questions please don’t forget to ask your masseuse! A good rapport with her is just as important as the massage itself.