Give Yourself “The Sexy Challenge!” Jan07


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Give Yourself “The Sexy Challenge!”

This year, we saw plenty of challenges hit the internet like a storm; however, 2018 is going to be different because in 2018 your goal is going to be to complete the sexy challenge.

Don’t worry, this challenge is as private as you want it to be but has the bonus of bringing you a lot more satisfaction than anything you have ever tried.

The purpose of this challenge is to bring awareness to just how behind we are as a society when it comes to pleasure. We tend to think that we are more liberated than ever when really we are more confused than ever before about issues such as: “What is consent“, “How to achieve orgasms” and “Why porn is not the best sex school out there.”

So in 2018, you are going to take the challenge of taking your pleasure into your own hands and making it yours.

So, for the first part of your challenge, you are going to try a new kind of sex ed by having a tantric massage. Yes, even the women out there need to try one! Before you start getting any ideas or start making excuses, remember that tantric massages are all about what works for you. If you want to be naked then be naked if you want to be clothed then be clothed… whatever you want to happen during a tantric massage is what will happen. This will not only teach you about consent but also what you are okay with happening to your body. Also, you may even find out what you might be missing emotionally in your sex life which will help to make it the best it can be.

Then comes the week of orgasms. Every day for a week you have to spend time giving yourself an orgasm. Whether you live alone or share a home, or even if you are travelling… you need to find the time to truly do this for yourself. Also, try to go longer and longer each day without ejaculating.

Extra points: no porn.

Finally, you are going to try something kinky with someone (or on your own, or maybe even ask your tantric masseuse about dark Tantra).

Experience whatever you want to try, or have wanted to try before… just go for it without fear! This is about you and what you like so whatever makes you tick, then do it!

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete or who you share it with, but this challenge will truly help you achieve a new level of satisfaction in life you may not even know existed, so mark your calendars and let’s get sexy in 2018!