Things to Cross Off your Bucket List in 2018 Jan15


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Things to Cross Off your Bucket List in 2018

A new year, a new you, right? This is what we like to say every year and this year it should really be the truth! Here are a few things that you should cross off your bucket list to begin your transformation into the person that you have always wanted to be.

  1. Make this the year you finally get in shape: It doesn’t have to be about going to the gym, but maybe doing yoga at home, swapping out fizzy drinks for water and losing those last pounds. Maybe you want to be more muscular. Whatever it is this is the year you can finally stop making excuses and do it. Just know that wanting to is the first step… the rest is up to you.
  2. Make this the year you finally get a tantric massage: If you have heard of tantric massages then what are you waiting for? If you haven’t then what you need to know is that tantric massages are basically an erotic massage with deep and powerful meaning. You will not only learn about sensuality and start the healing process but also leave away realizing that sex should always, always, feel amazing.
  3. Make this the year you finally save some cash: again this is all about stopping the excuse train and getting on a budget. You can save money this year for sure if you only shorten your leash and allow yourself to learn the joys of financial freedom.
  4. Make this the year you stop caring about what other people think. Sounds easier  said than done but the truth is that what you need to do is truly realize that when you are old and you are dying the last thing you will think is ‘I’m so glad I let Bob talk me into buying that shitty car so that he would ask me over to his house,’ seriously. Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s time that we stop putting such emphasis on pleasing others and listening to their criticism, the truth is that you are the only one whose opinion truly manners. The rest is just white noise.
  5. Finally, make this the year you leave a job that is making you miserable. Sure, it gives you money but is that truly enough? Take a chance and remind yourself that life is about so much more than money.