How to Transform in to a Spiritual Man. Jan15


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How to Transform in to a Spiritual Man.

When you think of someone who is deeply spiritual it is common that the image we come to is that of a woman. Of course, you can always have the figure of The Pope or even the Dalai Lama but those are far away figures in our lives, people who live outside of the norm. When we think of figures around us that exude spirituality women tend to be the ones that hold that spot.

According to the teachings of Tantra, this is simply because women are able to tap into the realm of the metaphysical mind and spirit while men have to be taught how to. Women just hold this knowledge deep within themselves unless they decide to forsake it. What is feminine to the world of tantric massages has a lot less to do with our genitals a lot more to do with our energies.

So then how does a woman, or in our case a tantric masseuse, bring a man into this sacred realm of emotions and spirituality? Well, if a man is willing then she needs to use this energy to slowly transform him. The masculine energy is that of physicality and touch, therefore it is through touch that women are able to bring men into their sacred realm.

If there was ever any kind of touch that could make you feel as if you are feeling emotions then sensual touch would be it. Think of any time you have had a sensual and intimate experience and see how what you remember from it was how you felt more than what you felt. This is why tantric massages focus so much on sensuality and making the massage feel so intimate. It is the only way to turn typically masculine energy into feminine energy to allow a man to at least for a while feel capable of entering the sacred realm of emotions and spirituality.

This means that for a moment, a man feels complete like his entire existence has come full circle. This is also why most people remember their massages as an experience that goes way beyond the physical and well into the spiritual.