Young Love, Old Love Dec25


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Young Love, Old Love

When I was a young man I remember that my views on love were quite different from what they are today. For me, love was something that tied you down, an unnecessary thing that got in the way of truly enjoying a good time and ultimately being free. Of course, now someone in their 40’s I can tell that it wasn’t that I was wrong at the time but that my vision changed with time.

Young Love…

You see young love is impulsive, it is the kind of love where you feel this constant burning passion that is almost out of control all of the time. It is the time to be wild, to think that you truly can live on love (The Beatles said it best, indeed) and be so tied down to a person that it feels suffocating. Of course being young also means the sex is amazing. Yes, the passion you feel towards the other person comes in the form of physical intimacy too. This is, oddly, the love most people still look for without realizing that it is actually quite childish but necessary for that time in your life.

Old Love…

Old love has a completely different connotation. It is no longer about a passion that burns so bright it blinds you but a passion that burns so low that it warms you. It is no longer about being tied down but more about being open, being independent but also being dependable. The sex, however, is where it gets a little tricky. Don’t fear the fact that sex also changes but do fear boredom. Being bored with your sex life is not about old love or young love but about the fact you are not making it exciting.

When you manage to have great sex and old love, which is where the sweet spot is… Love can’t truly change but sex is just an activity. Try tantric massages in order to make your sex life much more exciting, have a message for two or even just individually and don’t let old love feel like a chore. Instead, rescue that passion from being young and in love and bring it into the absolute best time of your life.