Staying Healthy at Work Jan19


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Staying Healthy at Work

As you having difficult times at work? As we all discover fairly early on in our careers, it can’t be plain sailing all the time, and often it’s a case of choppy waters, capsizing and rescue missions. But enough of the nautical metaphors, the simple fact is that after Christmas and New Year, once it’s all back to normal (whatever normal is), the feeling of an unbearable slog starting all over again can be immensely overwhelming. Naturally, availing yourself of male massage every once in a while (weekly would be ideal), can help keep you relaxed and ready for action. But sometimes a bit of extra help is needed. That’s where psychologist Philippa Perry comes in.

Philippa Perry has written an illuminating article about how to stay resilient and capable in the workplace, and it’s not a moment too soon. Rather than go for the old-school British ‘pull your socks up’ school of strength, Perry proposes a far more modern idea, a kind of strength that incorporates and honours each human’s vulnerability (You can read the full piece here:; but let’s take a look here at some of her ideas.

Male Massage After Work is Always Worth It

For a start, Perry believes that we need to be ourselves, rather than create a warrior character in order to survive our jobs. She disagrees with the popular idea of wearing a ‘game-face’ at work, saying that this leaves us isolated and disconnected, unable to ask for help. It contributes to an environment full of backstabbing and artifice. Bravery, as she sees it, is about being you rather than hiding behind armour. It sounds obvious, and yet it’s revolutionary. In a way, it’s sad that in 2018, the idea of coming to work as yourself is audacious.

For years, environments – especially the cut-throat financial hubs in the City – have styled themselves as being almost gladiatorial in their sadism and machismo. But that’s not bravery. Making up a ‘bitch’ or ‘bastard’ personality in order to hide behind, like a little child, is actually rather feeble, but we’re only just waking up to that. There are all sorts of prices to be paid for pursuing your career in that fashion.

Relaxation and Male Massage

Perry also advises that we learn to develop our ‘observer’. You may have come across this concept in mindfulness classes. It’s where you learn to stand back from your own thoughts; to witness them passing either slowly or quickly across your mind, without judgment. Getting distance from one’s own thoughts also enhances emotional intelligence and enables us to communicate more effectively. You can practise observing when you’re in a relaxed state during your male massage appointment. And who knows – it could be the first step you need to take in order to create a new approach to your working life. Read the following article to find out other ways you can stay healthy as a man.